Loving the Absence of Pollen and Molds

Spring is just around the corner and soon we will be enjoying the beautiful weather that is Southern California. Most people look forward to this season but there are those who look forward to the Spring and Summer seasons with mixed feelings. Including Southern California there are 60 million people across the country who view these seasons as challenging times because of those annoying, pesky allergies. As the season of summer approaches Claire Gagné suggests that for those with grass allergies, a lush lawn can be the bane of summer since a “Grass allergy is one of the most common pollen allergies.”

Unlike Titan Turf Supply synthetic grass lawns, a real grass lawn emits pollen that gets released into the air and creates irritating and uncomfortable symptoms that are difficult to alleviate. Grass Mold is also a problem for some folks. Dr. Harold Kim, an assistant professor in the department of clinical immunology and allergy at McMaster University in Ontario that, “often patients will have allergy symptoms with fresh cut grass in August or September. That’s not grass pollen allergy, that may be mold allergy from the molds being stirred up.”

Spring and Summer are wonderful times to enjoy lovely and beautiful weather with friends and family outdoors. Installing artificial turf before and during the allergy season will be extremely beneficial for those who have to deal with allergen discomfort because synthetic grass eliminates a major source of allergies near your home. The synthetic grass and materials are safe, non-toxic, and fully tested.

For those who have allergies, artificial turf is a fantastic and sensible solution. In addition, Titan Turf Supply artificial grass is a sensible low-maintenance alternative that creates a fun, safe and durable landscape that everyone can enjoy, pets too! All of our turf is guaranteed with a 15 year limited warranty that will guarantee you a beautiful lush landscape for years to come.

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