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At, we want to share the benefits of artificial grass with our fellow Visalia California residents. We believe that transforming outdoor spaces has never been easier or more convenient. With our high-quality artificial grass solutions, you can enjoy a beautiful and low-maintenance lawn all year round. Whether you’re looking to enhance your residential or commercial property, we have the right solution for you.

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What Kind of Artificial Turf Project Are You Considering?


Artificial, Synthetic Grass for landscaping commercial or residential lawns.
Artificial grass for landscaping in Visalia, CA


Artificial, Synthetic Grass that is pet-safe and pet-friendly.
Artificial grass for pets in Visalia, CA


Artificial Putting Greens are state of the art and beautiful.
Artificial grass for golf and putting greens in Visalia, CA


For safer, unrestricted play, our Artificial Grass for playgrounds is perfect for recreation.
Artificial grass for playgrounds in Visalia, CA


Artificial Grass is a perfect solution for making rooftops more live-able.
Artificial grass for rooftops in Visalia, CA


We offer temporary artificial grass for inside or outside production sets.
Artificial grass for film sets

The Benefits of Artificial Grass for Visalia California Residents

If you’re tired of dealing with the constant maintenance and water restrictions of natural grass, artificial grass is a great solution for Visalia California residents. Not only does it provide a lush and green lawn all year round, but it also offers numerous benefits that can make your life easier. One of the major advantages of artificial grass is the significant amount of water you can save. With California’s ongoing drought conditions, reducing water usage is crucial, and artificial grass requires no watering at all. This not only helps to conserve this precious resource but also lowers your monthly water bills.

Additionally, artificial grass eliminates the need for regular mowing, weeding, and fertilizing, reducing maintenance efforts and costs. With artificial grass in place, you can spend more time enjoying your yard rather than constantly working on it.

Transforming Outdoor Spaces with High-Quality Artificial Grass in Visalia California

Transform your outdoor space with our top-notch synthetic turf options in Visalia, CA. At Titan Turf Supply, we understand the importance of creating beautiful landscapes with artificial grass. With the rise of artificial grass in Visalia, California, more and more homeowners are discovering the countless benefits it brings to their outdoor spaces. Gone are the days of spending hours on lawn maintenance and worrying about water restrictions.
Our high-quality artificial grass provides a lush and green appearance all year round, without the hassle. Whether you have a small backyard or a large garden area, our synthetic turf options can completely transform your outdoor space into a vibrant and inviting oasis. Say goodbye to brown patches and hello to a perfectly manicured lawn that requires minimal upkeep. Choose Titan Turf Supply for all your artificial grass needs in Visalia, California.

Visalia Homeowners, Contractors, and Businesses Use Titan Turf Supply Synthetic Grass & Irrigation Supplies

TITAN TURF SUPPLY sells artificial lawn grass or synthetic grass and irrigations parts to contractors and homeowners in Visalia and its surrounding areas.


  • Save money on water bills
  • Stop paying a gardener
  • Green Grass year-round
  • No weeding or fertilizer
  • VERY low maintenance


With our 20 plus years of experience in the Synthetic Turf and Landscaping industry you’ll find no one more knowledgeable about synthetic grass & landscaping than TITAN TURF SUPPLY. We only supply high-quality long-lasting products that have been fully tested and installed on many, many successful projects. We simply provide superior quality, realistic, long lasting, and safe independently tested synthetic grass.



Titan Turf Supply can help you determine what lies ahead for your outdoor living. Let us give you a free estimate today.