How To Choose The Right Artificial Grass

While artificial turf is extremely durable and very low-maintenance, there are still some best practices to follow to keep your turf looking great. This article is primarily going to focus on what you can do to keep your synthetic grass standing tall and looking lush.


The most important decision you have is making sure you’re choosing the correct turf for your area. Many homeowners choose their turf based on aesthetic qualities, not giving much consideration to other factors such as pile height, face weight, blade type, etc… These are extremely important in deciding which grass will be the perfect turf for your space.

First, let’s start by going over blade types. The most common blade types are S-Blades and W-Blades. Of these two types, the S-Blade is going to be the softest, which makes it perfect for a kid’s play area in the backyard. It’s also great for areas next to pools due to its plushness. The S-Blade is the perfect all-around turf and is a wise choice for most applications.

W-Blades are extremely durable and have excellent fiber memory. This means that after heavy use they are more likely to spring back to their original, upright position. W-Blades are a great option for high foot traffic or commercial areas for this very reason. This stiff blade shape is excellent for athletic fields as well.

One of the added benefits of choosing a W-Blade is that it reflects heat more efficiently than some other blade types due to its shape. This can result in this turf feeling slightly cooler on particularly hot days than other, flatter blade shapes.


Pile height refers to the height of the individual turf blades. The taller the grass, the lusher it looks. Grass with a pile height of 2″ or more is a fantastic choice for areas that won’t experience a lot of heavy use.


Regardless of the blade type you choose, it is still a good idea to use a product such as a Grandi Groom or a regular stiff-bristled push-broom in your area every two weeks or so, or after heavy use. You’ll want to brush against the direction the turf is laying down to help restore it to its upright position.

For an even more powerful brushing, you can use a Power Broom. Using a power broom is excellent for your turf and will help it look as it did on the day you had it installed.

As the power broom brushes up your turf blades, its wire bristles will help remove deep-seated debris, restoring your turf blades to their upright position.


Believe it or not, sunlight can also play a part in helping your grass blades stand tall. For example, if your yard gets plenty of sunlight then you’d be okay picking most blade shapes.

However, if your yard is mostly shaded, it may be wise to go with a stiffer blade, such as the W. This is because the S-Blade needs some sunlight to help it stand up due to its softness. The W-Blade fairs better in shade due to its rigid design and does not need sunlight to keep it standing upright.

Artificial turf is not immune to normal wear and tear, but with proper care and maintenance, you can do your best to ensure your turf looks tall and lush for as long as possible.

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