ZEOFILL Premium Outdoor Odor Infill

ZEOFILL Premium Outdoor Odor Infill


PET URINE ODOR ELIMINATOR: Premium absorbption rate to help control ammonium urine odors. For use in dog runs, dog parks, dog kennels, doggy day cares, animal shelters, pet hotels and animal hospitals to help remove odor. When used for pet odor control, it is not recommended to continuously wash with plain water after installation. Zeofill works better dry, so it is able to absorb the urine to prevent ammonia gas.
Size: 50lb Bag

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GREAT FOR PLAYGROUNDS AND ATHLETIC FIELD ARTIFICIAL TURF: For best results, place granules on top of your turf as infill and rinse. One-time application in most cases on new or existing turf. When using on playgrounds and sports fields, it helps to reduce heat.

MULTI-PURPOSE 100% NATURAL AND ORGANIC: This all-natural infill is environmentally safe for pets, plants and trees. Formulated with natural and organic ingredients to deodorize your entire outdoor living space, athletic field or playground area.

FRESH GRASS SCENT FOR OUTDOOR SPACES: Clean, fresh scent provides an immediate sense of relief, reducing the urine smell shortly after the initial application. The 40 lbs bag value pack includes one gallon of concentrate with a 32oz handheld spray bottle.

SPECIALIZING IN ODOR PREVENTION: Zeofill is the industry leader in odor treatment and odor prevention. We specialize in products specifically designed to tackle pet urine and dog poop waste. Our products are also useful for smaller spaces like doggy daycare pens, outdoor dog kennels, larger fenced in yards, outdoor dog runs and at pet care facilities.


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